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Hair loss for women can be psychologically distressing causing depression and anxiety. The emotional aspects of living with hair loss can be testing and it is an issue that is on the increase. There are a number of factors that can contribute to female hair loss: Stress, ill health, hormonal, hereditary influences.

All our lady clients have suffered hair loss for different reasons but all have successfully adapted to and now enjoy being in our hair replacement programs. The systems produce outstanding results and achieve a natural stylish look that gives back confidence and psychologically changes you in a positive way.

This is a text message we received from one of our delighted lady clients:

“Hiya, I’ve just been stopped in Chelmsford High Street by a posh hair salon trying to get new customers. She said she could see that I take care of my colour and cut. When I told her she was wasting her time because of my hair not actually being mine, she was flabbergasted! I just wanted to say thanks. Little things like that give me so much confidence that I haven’t had for over 10 years. Thank you.”
L of Chelmsford

And more samples of what our male and female clients wanted to say about us:

“I moved to from a nationally advertised product to Image Design over ten years ago and have never looked back. I get quality products supplied by extremely friendly staff who are dedicated to good old fashioned customer satisfaction and service, something that was lacking with the national supplier. If you are serious about hair replacement give Image Design a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it.”
Steve of Essex

“Having left a major company very unsatisfied, I was fortunate to find Image Design Studio. Having now been with them for a few years I am more relaxed and confident. The service is excellent, friendly and very professional. I would recommend them no problem.”
David, Chelmsford

“Being a woman, my hair is really important so when I started losing it, I was devastated. I went to 2 big companies in London but I was shocked at the high prices, poor hair quality and bad service. This made me even more depressed until a friend told me where she went. When I got here I was overwhelmed by the friendly, helpful professional staff who made me feel so welcome. Added to that the low prices, extremely high quality of hair and service. I am just so relieved to find them. Now I am just annoyed I did not find them sooner as it’d have saved me lots of money and heartache. “
J from London

“Would highly recommend Image Design. Very Professional and high standards all round from a great team.”
R from Royston

“Fantastic service in every way. As a customer for many years, I find it difficult to fault the Image Design experience. Stop looking and give Image Design a call. I’m one happy client.”
Paul, Essex

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