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  Hair systems & after care service
We have an extensive range of modern lightweight units custom designed for both men and women. Two examples of the latest in breakthrough technology are: The revolutionary NRC hair line system that gives the appearance that hair is growing from the scalp. (see image on the 'about us' page)

The Second Skin Hair System is a micro thin transparent base in which strands of hair are placed. Even under close inspection the hair looks as if it is growing naturally. (see image below)

Second skin hair replacement system

All our hair replacement systems are designed with care and expertise and our experienced stylists will cut and style your hair to suit your needs. All of which results in each client having a natural looking head of hair.

The cost for a refusion/regroom service is £50 even if you have a hair piece/unit from another company. We are second-to-none in customer care and we pride ourselves in maintaining our valued reputation. Just call to book a free first appointment for a refusion/regroom with one of our stylists.

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